Understanding Your Credit Score

What’s in a number? Plenty.

Your FICO® (credit) score is one of the most important numbers you’ll ever have. A low score can keep you from getting approved for a loan or from being able to rent an apartment, and will probably cost you more in insurance premiums and can even prevent you from being considered for a job.

You’ve seen the phrasing “as low as” in front of loan rates, right? When creditors look at your score they are generally basing your “creditworthiness” (ability to pay them back) on your level of risk. The higher your credit score, the lower your risk. The lower your risk, the better your chances are of being approved for loans and receiving the best “as low as” loan rates.

FICO Credit Score
35% 30% 15% 10% 10%

Your credit score is made up of these five things:

Your payment history
Amounts owed in relation to your credit limits
Length of time you’ve had a credit history
How much new credit you have
The mix of credit cards and loans you have

Here is a general guideline for how creditors rate you based on your credit score:

0-499Poor 500-549Low 550-579Fair 580-619Below Average 620-659Average 660-719Good 720-850Excellent

Below credit score is for example only.

Let us help you build your credit score.

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The good folks at FICO® have put together a handy guide called Understanding Your FICO®Score that thoroughly explains what your credit score means and how it impacts almost every facet of your life. We highly recommend that all of our members take some time to read this because of the excellent information it contains.

If you’ve experienced some setbacks that have damaged your credit score (even by things that were not your fault), or if you’re interested in improving your score, call us or drop by the branch. We know lots of proven ways to help you build from here.



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