FREE Credit Management

Become the master of your credit score

Until now, your credit report and resultant score were not easily available to you. And how can you fix a problem when you don’t even know one exists? Exactly. This is why Mills42 has introduced a comprehensive credit management tool, powered by Savvy Money, that is completely free for our members.

    With this game-changing tool at your fingertips, you will:
    • Have instant access to both your credit score and your credit report 24/7/365.
    • Understand exactly why and how you’ve been rated in each of the four categories that make up your credit score.
    • Receive alerts when your score increases or decreases.
    • Gain valuable insights through easy-to-follow personalized tips on how to improve and/or maintain your score.
    • Be able to improve your score very quickly by following these tips and advice.

Why is this free credit score tool so critical? This one little number carries more weight in your life than you probably realize. If it’s on the low side, your credit score will drive up interest rates on loans you apply for (which will, of course, drive up the monthly payment significantly) and could even prevent you from getting a loan at all. Your credit report is pulled and analyzed when you go to rent a house or an apartment, open new accounts, and in many cases, when you’re applying for a new job.

Conversely, if your score is in the "Very Good" to "Excellent" ranges, you’ll receive the lowest loan interest rates a lender has on offer—and that, in turn, means much lower monthly payments. You’ll never have to worry about getting turned down for an apartment, a utility account, a cell phone plan or even a job. With a strong score, you become the master of your financial life—plainly and simply.

To enroll in this free service, all you need is to have an Online Banking Account with Mills42 FCU. You can use our free credit management tool on our app just as easily as on your desktop.

So, why wait? If you don’t have an Online Banking Account, enroll today and become the master of your credit score.