Without a doubt, this year has been a most challenging one. Through it all, we remain grateful for what we’ve been able to accomplish by making a positive impact on so many of our members’ lives, and in our community, as well.

This time of year presents the perfect opportunity for each of us to relate what we are most thankful for.
Derek Cronin
I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to join the Mills42 team and plan to continue offering world-class member service. I am thankful for our team’s daily hard work and dedication. I am further grateful for the Mills42 board of directors in seeing my potential to lead this great credit union into further success! I look forward to making an impact in Mills42 members’ lives, as well as in the local community.
Narey Ny
I’m thankful for the wonderful things we’ve done this year. Loan deferrals when our members were having financial hardship, refinancing mortgages to save our members thousands of dollars, handing out Market Basket gift cards to elderly shoppers and members who really needed the extra help—these are just a few of the examples. Being able to help someone out financially and to relieve their stress during hard times is so gratifying for me.
Michelle Moran
I’m passionate about helping members increase their credit scores. To experience a member’s reaction when I tell them their score has increased by 20, 30, even 40 points in the course of a few months is incredibly gratifying. And in the next sentence I can tell them the interest rate they’ll receive on a loan will go from double digits to a single digit, saving them a substantial amount of money in finance charges. It’s a win-win for everyone!
Kristal Padilla
There are many things to be grateful for. I’m grateful for my family and my health, but I am especially grateful for being part of the Mills42 team. I never imagined being at the position I am, having all this knowledge and experience at the age of 24. Mills42 has given me the opportunity of my life, taking me out of my comfort zone, and I work hard every day to give our members the best service and experience they deserve. Being able to help our members and to see their satisfaction makes me really happy.
Thatiany Faria
Between my team and myself, we are able to provide outstanding support to those in need—making a small difference in someone’s life, working towards the same vision of crossing a financial bridge. This makes me feel good about myself and what I do for others. For that, I am forever grateful.
David Correa
I am grateful to have started my career so early with Mills42 at the young age of 17. I have been able to gain banking knowledge and learn skills that have helped me not only in my personal financial life, but in my ability to help our members achieve their best financial potential.
Jen Borges
I am grateful for the endless opportunities to grow with Mills42. The opportunity to learn is everywhere—whether it’s learning from my coworkers or from our members. I appreciate the positive environment here, and I am encouraged to do my best for our members every single day.
As you can see, we highly value the relationships we have with our members.
Most of all, we are grateful for each and every one of you.
☃️ Happy Holidays! 🎁
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