Office parties, family gatherings, gift giving, decorating. This time of year can stretch your budget to the breaking point. But don't take drastic measures. Just take advantage of our Skip-A-Payment Program* for your Mills42 loans. There's a $25 application fee for each loan payment you'd like to skip, but then you'll have hundreds of dollars available to do the holidays in style—and even to buy a real tree.

Full details are available on the application. Or, you can call us at 978.328.5100 and we'll walk you through the process.

*Skip-A-Pay requests are subject to approval. This offer does not apply to real estate loans, credit cards, or loans with an annual percentage rate of 15.99% or higher. I wish to participate in the Mills42 FCU Skip-A-Payment Program. Please defer payment for the loan(s) listed on this certificate. I understand that in order to be eligible to participate in the Mills42 FCU Skip-A-Payment, I must be a member in good standing, my loan must be current, and no payments, interest, or fees may be outstanding. This program may not be available on Loans during the first (11) months of the loan agreement. There is a $25.00 processing fee to skip a payment on each loan listed. I understand that interest will continue to accrue on the outstanding balance of my loan until it is paid in full. I understand that I continue to be responsible for the entire outstanding principle and interest of my loan, and that I will be responsible to continue to make the monthly payments after the original maturity date until all principal and interest is paid in full and that my pledge of security shall remain in effect until the loan is fully repaid. I understand that my next regular payment will be due on the scheduled payment date, January 15, 2018. I also understand that skipping a payment may increase the number of remaining loan payments.